Strategic Legal Counsel for Digital Health

Gravely Group

Providing the experience and expertise necessary to effectively navigate the intersection of digital healthcare, information technology and legal strategy.

image of Steven Gravely

The Gravely Group provides legal and strategic counseling to the healthcare industry, driven by the unique combination of expertise and experience of our founder, Steve Gravely.

  • 40 years in the healthcare industry
  • 30 years providing legal counsel to healthcare organizations
  • 10 years focusing on digital health issues including EMRs, interoperability, data exchange and cyber-security

Steve Gravely is principal author of the Data Use and Reciprocal Support Agreement (DURSA), a first-of-its-kind legal framework to support nationwide interoperability, and a provider of strategic counsel to cutting edge initiatives in the digital health space.

Let more than forty years of experience serving at the intersection of digital healthcare, information technology and legal strategy serve your needs.

Experience informs perspective. Steve Gravely’s experience in healthcare over the past 40 years has taught him that healthcare is unlike any other industry—constantly changing and increasingly complex, as evidenced by its intersection with digital technology.

Steve’s unique perspective on healthcare originates from his experience as a firefighter and EMS provider during college. Today, Steve serves as a volunteer member of the National Ski Patrol, responding to accidents on the mountains. First responders must be calm, skilled, and able to use whatever resources are available to overcome immediate challenges—and it’s this “first responder” mentality that Steve brings to his work representing healthcare organizations on complex legal and strategy issues.