The Gravely Group's

Information Blocking Decision Tool

A First-of-Its-Kind-Tool for anyone involved with EHI

Gravely Group’s Information Blocking Decision Tool is designed to enable an Actor to methodically walk through the steps needed to assess particular actions (or inactions) for potential information blocking implications under the ONC Information Blocking Regulations. This Tool is also an excellent resource for non-Actors who request (or intend to request) access to EHI from Actors.

Whether you are a SINGLE ACTOR or NON-ACTOR looking for an easy, self-guided decision-making tool or you are a TEAM (Actors and non-Actors) looking for a group tool to bring consistency and efficiency to the groups decision-making, this tool is it.

Contact us for more details and pricing. Plans include licensing for one person to group licensing, and can be packaged with workshops and training courses, depending on your needs.