Emergency Preparedness

Sharing Information During Disasters: HIPAA Implications

Whitepaper reviewing the privacy protections of HIPAA in the context of healthcare providers' ability to respond and share information during a large-scale disaster or public health emergency -- Originally released April 2007

Human Resources Disaster Preparedness

Report to VDH on healthcare organization disaster preparedness from a human resources perspective -- Originally released April 2008

Altered Standards of Care: A Primer on Virginia Law

Presentation on the standards of care applicable in Virginia during a disaster or public health emergency situation -- Originally presented in 2006

EP&R: Liability Issues for Hospitals & Health Systems

Presentation on liability-related considerations for healthcare organizations in preparing for and managing disaster and emergency situations -- Originally presented in 2006

Critical Resource Shortages: A Planning Guide for Hospitals

Detailed guide on developing a plan for continuing to provide care during a pandemic, when faced with a combination of extreme resource shortages and an influx of high acuity patients -- Originally released July 2009

Continuity of Operations: Financial Sustainability for Healthcare Facilities in Disasters

Paper reviewing financial considerations during a disaster, including reimbursement issues, emergency funding sources, and insurance options -- Originally released July 2009

EMTALA Compliance in Disaster Circumstances

Whitepaper discussing balancing issues of surge capacity and the realistic need to turn away patients with minor ailments during a mass casualty event with hospitals' responsibilities under EMTALA -- Originally released March 2007

Alternate Care Facilities Planning Guide

Planning guide designed to provide a specific and detailed decision matrix for ACF planners -- Originally released October 2009